feel confident

in your body.

​​Do you ever feel like

you know all the diet rules

so you know WHAT to do,

but you just have a hard time

actually DOING it?

I am here to tell you…
YOU are not the problem.

It’s time to step past the shame and guilt from old diets and stop feeling like you’re waiting to lose weight in order to fully participate in life.  

What others are saying….

Lizzie is like the master sherpa

Every session was built from a foundation of safety – where I sense my innermost thoughts and emotions are held with the upmost respect and care. From there, Lizzie is like the master sherpa, guiding me with confidence to new-to-me territory.

Revealing new vistas of possibility, and supportively holding the space as I release old beliefs and perspectives about myself and my journey.

Over the years, I’ve worked with dozens of business and personal development coaches. Lizzie stands out for her accessible, transparent way of being, her poignant questions, and thoughtful input. I’ve recommended her services to both friends and family and have loved hearing how much they’ve appreciated Lizzie’s coaching as well.

~Christy Sharafinski

“Helped me loosen the chains of self-loathing and self-judgement”

Because of my work with Lizzie I am able to appreciate my body for the glorious miracle that it is. Her coaching has helped me loosen the chains of self-loathing and self-judgement that I have carried for too many years.

Working with Lizzie is like walking towards freedom.

I am beyond grateful for the impact she has had on my life through her gentle, yet powerful coaching.

~Jesse Martini

“I am able to feel like I matter to myself”

Because of my work with Lizzie I am able to feel like I matter to myself. She has helped me to feel okay about where I am and helps me to see what’s possible when I change my frame of mind.

Within moments of our first sessions, I felt so light and happy in my body. I knew on a deep level this is exactly what I’ve been needing for too long.

Think about who relies on you and how you want to show up for them.

Know that caring for yourself will allow you to be there for everyone you care about because YOU MATTER.

I can tell you that there is no one better to hold your heart and soul in a safe space of respect and care.

~Dori Zabari

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