The Heart and Science of Weight Loss

Combining compassion with psychology.

If you’ve ever struggled with weight loss,

It’s NOT your fault.

#1: You are NOT the problem.

Diets are the problem.

Diets try and make weight loss seem so simple.

“Just follow these easy steps and you’ll laugh your way on down the scale.”

That ends up making you feel like it’s your fault if you can’t follow the “easy” steps.

Weight loss ISN’T simple.

There is SO much underneath the surface of what and why we eat that diets never cover.

#2: You’ve been working against the natural wiring of your brain.

Our ancestors that survived the saber-toothed tigers on the savannah were the ones always on the look out for what was wrong in their environment.

Therefore, your brain’s natural default setting is to LOOK FOR WHAT’S WRONG.

Instead of looking for what’s wrong around us… 

we look for what is wrong within us.

It’s not your fault if it’s been hard to lose weight in the past.

It’s time for a different approach.

What is
of Weight Loss?

You are a whole person – body, heart, and mind. Together, we compassionately hold and love on ALL the parts of you throughout the weight loss process.

That means sometimes uncovering those tender parts of your soul that are hurting and just wanting to be loved.

When all the vulnerable parts of you feel seen and heard and held, the weight loss becomes easier because the reasons WHY you eat make more sense.

What is
of Weight Loss?

This is not about macros, or hormones, or any more information that just makes you feel terrible about yourself when you’re reaching for more cookies after dinner, even though you’re not hungry.

This is guiltless, shame-free, weight loss.

This is about using the scientific method to approach everything from the mindset of curious and playful experimentation.

If something works well, great! Keep it.
If something doesn’t work, great! Let’s tweak it.
All results are positive information getting you closer to your goal.

No guilt.
No shame.
No blaming yourself for not following through.

Just curiosity, information gathering, and figuring out the unique process that works for YOU.

Here’s the best part:

Somewhere along the way, it becomes less about the weight loss.

You begin to see yourself differently.

You begin to think differently about what you believe you are capable of.

It’s about who you become.

Give yourself permission to be who you are without one ounce of apologizing.