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The 5 Step Process To Recover From an Overeat

Have you ever had a day where you’ve been on a roll, doing well for a little while. And then inexplicably, you find yourself going off the rails? 

Maybe you’re at an event and the cookie plate is just right THERE in front of you. Or maybe it’s 3:47pm and the kids snacks just look good and then you find yourself going back for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th serving. 

And even while you’re eating you’re thinking “I know I should stop.” but weirdly you don’t And then later you feel like “Why did I do that? What is wrong with me?”

Listen, we’ve all been there. 

Today we’re gonna talk about: 

  • How days like that are totally normal. 
  • Why they happen. 
  • And how to prevent yourself from sliding into a whirlpool of shame around them so that you can get right back on track and treat it like a one time event rather than the excuse to throw in the towel. 

4 Tips To Make Habit Change Easier

How many times have you tried a New Year’s cleanse or a 30 day strict diet to kick start things? 

Maybe you stuck to the plan, maybe not. But over time, whatever changes you may have seen during that intense time frame didn’t stick. 

And that can make you feel like you’re starting over again every time and ends up leading to the yo-yo cycle of down and then back up the scale. 

Today we’re gonna talk about: 

  • Why it’s normal to feel drawn in by those programs that promise big change in a short amount of time
  • Why they don’t work
  • And how to remember to love the little changes that last. 

3 Hacks to Feel More Love For Your Body Today

Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and thought “Wow, I look so skinny in that picture! I’d be happy to weigh what I weighed then!” 

…and yet you remember when that picture was taken. 

You felt self conscious then. 

You wanted to lose weight then. 

You were thinking THEN … “I’ll be happy when I’m X weight or when I lose 10 lbs.” 

How much of our lives do we spend living for “when”? Chasing that horizon of happiness that happens at some imaginary “when”? 

Today we’re going to talk about: 

  • How living in “when-land” hurts you 
  • And what you can do right now to START LIVING AND LOVING AND FEELING HAPPY TODAY. 

What to do when your clothes don’t feel right

How many times have you walked through your day constantly reminding yourself “Ugh these pants are too tight. I need to lose weight.” 

It can be just THE WORST when your clothes remind you all the time that you’re not at the size you want to be. 

But those negative feelings accumulate throughout the day and you end up trying to muscle your way down the scale with willpower and chastising yourself. 

And that doesn’t feel very good. Nor does it work long term. 

Today we’re gonna talk about a different way to think about yourself and your body that can feel a lot better and also LEAD TO WAY BETTER RESULTS.

If you’re ready for a better way to think about it when your clothes don’t feel right, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get to it!

4 Strategies To Make Weekends Your Weight Loss Friend

Do you ever feel like you did great all week, from Monday till about 5:27 pm on Friday and then you end up undoing all your hard work over the course of the weekend?

How should it be possible that just 2 days of being less strict can override 5 days of awesome? It’s so frustrating! 

Today we’re going to talk about… 

  • Why we tend to blow our progress on the weekends, 
  • What’s going on in your brain when that happens, 
  • And 4 specific strategies to break you out of that up-down weekend cycle. 

The 5 Step Process That Is THE Skill of Weight Loss

Have you ever tried a 30 day challenge or a 90 fitness program and felt really motivated at the start, but sorta secretly worried in your heart that you weren’t sure you could keep it up the whole 30 days or 90 days? 

We tend to do that with weight loss and particularly with diets. We start off strong and feel super motivated! But there’s this fear in the back of your mind that says…

 “What if I can’t keep this up? What happens when my motivation wanes?” 

  • Today we’re going to talk about that fear
  • Why it’s normal to have those thoughts
  • Why slips ups and mistakes are NOT a problem
  • And the 5 step process you can use to learn and master the SKILL of weight loss.

The 7 Most Common Self Sabotaging Thoughts (Self Sabotage Part 3)

In the last 2 episodes, we’ve talked about 

  1. What self-sabotage is
  2. Why it happens
  3. How if you’re human, it’s normal to self-sabotage
  4. And the 3 step process to bust through self-sabotaging thoughts and behavior. 

And there are 7 categories of common thoughts that lead to self-sabotage. Be aware of these common traps and learn how to avoid them.

  1. Falling off the wagon
  2. Food labeling
  3. “I don’t want to let food go to waste”
  4. Worry
  5. Comparison
  6. Vanity
  7. Permission

If you’ve ever struggled with any of the 7 common categories of self-sabotage, then this episode is for you!

The 3 Step Solution For Self Sabotage (Self Sabotage Part 2)

Self-sabotage happens to EVERYONE. If you have a human brain, you have the capacity for self sabotage. 

In this episode we talk about the 3 step process you can use to take those old self-sabotaging thoughts and make them work to your advantage.

We also talk about 5 specific “SNEAKY SABOTAGERS”: sneaky thoughts that can derail your progress and how to turn them around so they don’t trip you up. 

4 Reasons Why We Self Sabotage (Self-Sabotage Part 1)

Have you ever tried to lose weight and and began to see some success and you’re like “I’ve got this!”

But then something strange happened on your way down the scale. 

Maybe subtly, maybe suddenly, but definitely inexplicably, you stopped doing the behaviors that helped you have some of that success in the first place. 

And you’re like “Why am I sabotaging myself?” 

In this episode, we’re going to talk about: 

  1. What self sabotage is, 
  2. Why it happens, 
  3. How it’s completely normal, 
  4. And then we’ll get a quick glimpse into next week’s episode which will dive into the 3 step process for overcoming self-sabotage.

5 Solutions For When You Feel Like Giving Up

Have you ever tried to lose weight – maybe been on a diet or a specific program – and you’re working really hard. Maybe you had some success the first few weeks, but things tapered off and you’re FEELING FRUSTRATED and you want to quit? 

Today we’re going to talk about: 

  1. Why that happens 
  2. How it’s NORMAL that it happens 
  3. And the 5 things you can do to help yourself move past that feeling.

If you’re ready to get over giving up, this episode is for you!

The One Habit The Makes Weight Loss Easier

If I could only ever give you 2 pieces of advice on how to make weight loss sustainable, this episode covers the first one: meal planning. (The other would be that how you talk to yourself is more important than what’s on your plate, but that’s a different podcast.) 

Today’s episode is packed!  We’re going to talk about: 

  1. Why meal planning makes weight loss so much easier, 
  2. Bust through some of the common roadblocks to meal planning like, “I don’t have time” or “I just like to go with what I feel like eating in the moment.” 
  3. Why it’s not your fault if meal planning didn’t work for you in the past, 
  4. And what to do differently this time. 

Then we wrap up with 3 specific, easy strategies for meal planning so that you can pick the strategy that works best for you. 

What an old picture of you can teach you about feeling great today

Have you ever looked at an old picture of yourself and thought how good you looked? You think, “I’d love to have that body now!”

But you remember when it was taken and the thoughts in your mind at that time weren’t happy then either.

You’re not alone! So many folks feel the same way. 

Today we’re talking about why that happens and how it’s not your fault. 

Plus 3 specific action steps for how to feel great NOW. 

“Help! The scale went up for no reason!”

Have you ever had a day where you stepped up to the scale expecting to see a happy number (because you know you’ve been doing all the right things.) Then inexplicably, that number is NOT a happy number.

You think “How can this be happening? And then the rest of your day you walk around with a cloud of unhappy thoughts following you.

Today we’re going to talk about the SCALE.

-> How it gets in our heads and why.

-> Plus 3 different perspectives to help you approach the scale in a way that helps YOU be in control of the way that you think about that number.

3 Tips To Start Seeing Progress Today

It’s natural to want to see progress. It’s part of our human nature. That’s why weight loss can be so hard because it takes time and patience.

In this episode we cover:

1) How to look at progress differently.

2) How to create simple action steps to make it easy to get started.

3) And the one type of food that makes an outside impact on your weight loss efforts.

3 Reasons Why It’s Not Your Fault That the Diet Didn’t Work

You are not broken. Diets go against the grain of how our brains are wired. The diet mentality keeps us stuck in self sabotaging thinking. In addition, we make it harder for ourselves by thinking “I’ll be happy when I lose weight” versus “I choose to be happy WHILE I lose weight. 

Instead, think of weight loss like nurturing a garden rather than running a race towards a finish line. 

The Confident Body Podcast Trailer

Stop feeling like you are the problem and start working WITH the natural wiring of your brain to lose weight. 

This podcast helps you see yourself and your body as a miracle so you can stop waiting to lose weight in order to participate in life.

If you want to look in the mirror and see what’s RIGHT about you…Learn solutions that are easy and fit your busy life…Find out how to train your brain for weight loss…and love yourself and your body all the way down the scale, then let’s go.