How good are you willing to let yourself feel?

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar…

*Letting your self-worth be determined by your jeans size.

*Starting the day thinking “I feel gross”.

*Feeling shame and disappointment over not being able to stick to the plan you made this morning. 

*Worrying about losing control around “forbidden foods”.

*Letting thoughts about food and your weight distract you from your real life.

*Smiling on the outside while feeling miserable on the inside.

*Eating your feelings.

*Going to your kid’s school program and comparing yourself to other moms.

*Making no progress on your own.

Through working together,
my clients have experienced…

“I can go out to eat and not have guilt associated with food.”

“I’m rockin’ my mom-shorts! 🤣”

“I’ve had to get rid of old clothes because they’re too big.”

“I have a sense of confidence now because I know how to get myself back on track after a weekend or a vacation.”

“I used to want to say no to party invitations because I was embarrassed by how I looked. Last weekend we went to my husband’s work party and I loved it!”

“I never want my daughter to grow up with the same hang ups I had. I’m not perfect, but I am modeling what it’s like to love myself and my body for my kids.”

“I just can’t even tell you how much more energy and head space I have because I’m not obsessing over it any more!”

“I feel like I can be me again.”

How do we work together?

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how to lose weight for the last time.

Start viewing your body with compassion and love.

A year from now you’ll wish you’d started TODAY.