How good are you willing to let yourself feel?


Raise your hand if this sounds familiar…

*Letting your self-worth be determined by your jeans size.

*Starting the day thinking “I feel gross”.

*Feeling shame and disappointment over not being able to stick to the plan you made this morning. 

*Worrying about losing control around “forbidden foods”.

*Letting thoughts about food and your weight distract you from your real life.

*Smiling on the outside while feeling miserable on the inside.

*Eating your feelings.

*Going to your kid’s school program and comparing yourself to other moms.

*Making no progress on your own.

Through working together,
my clients have experienced…

“I can go out to eat and not have guilt associated with food.”

“I’m rockin’ my mom-shorts! 🤣”

“I’ve had to get rid of old clothes because they’re too big.”

“I have a sense of confidence now because I know how to get myself back on track after a weekend or a vacation.”

“I used to want to say no to party invitations because I was embarrassed by how I looked. Last weekend we went to my husband’s work party and I loved it!”

“I never want my daughter to grow up with the same hang ups I had. I’m not perfect, but I am modeling what it’s like to love myself and my body for my kids.”

“I just can’t even tell you how much more energy and head space I have because I’m not obsessing over it any more!”

“I feel like I can be me again.”

What does working together look like?

Month to month:


6 month program


*We work together to create a customized plan that fits into your life rather than making you adjust your life to fit the plan.

*We’ll co-create the type of accountability, goal setting, and support that fits you best.

*We meet weekly via zoom and we can always be flexible with meeting dates if something comes up.

*In a safe and comfortable way, we’ll address what gets in the way of the healthy lifestyle you want to have. That means talking about the unique stressors, triggers, and obstacles in YOUR life so that you’re not trying to fit into a one-size-fits-all plan.

*Then we spend the rest of our time together helping you maintain the progress you’ve made and integrate the changes you’ve made into your identity so that it’s just “who you are”.

Along the way you’ll receive my 5 Pillars of Weight Loss:

  • 1) Awareness -You can’t fix what you’re not aware of.
  • 2) Tiny Changes: Start where you’re at with small changes.
  • 3) Intentionality: How to make decisions easier.
  • 4) Self Talk: What you say to yourself matters – A LOT
  • 5) Make Failure Your Friend: How to turn mistakes into opportunities.

Plus additional content customized to what is most relevant to YOU.

And of course, unlimited email and text access anytime you need a lifeline!

Start viewing your body with compassion and love.

A year from now you’ll wish you’d started TODAY.